What We Do

Loaded Gun Productions is a full-service video production company specializing in action sports and high-impact videos for DVD, television, and the Web. We have filmed throughout North America, producing a wide variety of projects from corporate videos to action sports. We’ve worked with some of the biggest and best in our 10-year history, and continue to work directly with many Canadian and US companies. Loaded Gun Productions is responsible for the highly-successful D.I.P Crew Series available on DVD and online..

Based in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, we are a small team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to managing your project with the utmost professionalism from concept to completion. We do our best to work within time constraints or limited budgets to complete your project on time without compromising quality. When a video project is complete, we often follow up with planning premiere parties, managing distribution, and merchandising to promote our clients’ projects.

No project is too big or too difficult. We often work under extreme conditions, and we will go to extreme measures to get the ultimate shot, whether it’s charting a helicopter for heli-filming on a mountain, or a boat for underwater shooting. We can work with new artists, actors, or stunt performers who want to create a high-impact demo or Electronic Press Kit (EPK). We capture live performances and events, and conduct on-site interviews. Traveling with athletes to events is common with the clients we often cater to. We cover all the angles, from audio and lighting, to state-of-the-art cameras to record in standard, hi-definition, or 16mm film.