Jeremy’s introduction to the process of film making began by working as talent providing special skills for motion pictures and television. In the early 90’s the Vancouver film industry was booming to become what is now known as Hollywood North. Jeremy’s training and use of weapons made him a sought after addition to many locally filmed shows such as The Pledge (Jack Nicholson) Stargate (Richard Dean Anderson) , Dark Angel (Jessica Alba),Detox (Sylvester Stallone) and many others.

Jeremy’s introduction to videography and the other side of the camera began in the early 90’s more as a hobby, stuntmen needing demos and actors wanting electronic press kits was common on set. With a borrowed camera and a friend editing videos he was soon producing videos and gaining experience. He had a certain talent for capturing action sports and anything that was happening around him. He quickly made contacts with producers who were established in the video making process. After almost a year of filming and spending weekends for months editing, the first 30 min video entitled D.I.P. CREW was completed and released. This was a video about a group of guys who not only are extreme sport athletes but also live extreme lives. This real look at life and rawness was an underground success. The DVD series was picked up by a large distributor in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. After an appearance on Urban Rush Jeremy was contacted by a distributor that used Universal to release the series of Liquid Courage and Liquid Courage 2 in the mainstream North American markets.

Jeremy soon after was nominated for an Xtremey for best new producer for his work on this DVD series and the MTV Select episode motorcycle jump show that Jeremy and TJ (Loaded Gun Productions Inc. co-producer) was appearing on to promote their latest release, was also nominated for a Leo. His footage has been seen in Crusty Demons of Dirt and Slednecks, two of the worlds most successful and popular motocross and snowmobile videos. Jeremy has also filmed a couple of episodes for a popular video game show called Game Trailers. He has been filming for the past 10 years and his body of work has been seen on MTV Cribs, Worlds Most Amazing videos, Real TV, You Gotta See This, Most Daring, and many more television clip shows. He has spent several years traveling with and documenting a Buell race team for a North American Harley Davidson Distributor.

When making a video every process is so important. But when asked what Jeremy enjoys the most… “it is the editing process”. Jeremy’s true passion is in telling the story or simply getting the point across. He was responsible for providing weekly edited content for In addition he has edited television commercials and countless corporate videos with products or demos, music videos, trailers and pilot episodes.

He has worked on scripts, voice overs, music clearances and graphics. Additionally, he has authoring DVD’s creating both artwork and promotional materials. From concept to completion you will find Jeremy involved creatively in all aspects of the video making process.