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Loaded Gun Productions Completes Auto,Lube, and Wash World Commercials

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Loaded gun productions inc has completed filming and editing commercials for auto world , wash world and lube world.  This was a true concept to completion project. Building scripts, filming, editing and voice over. It was all shot high definition on various sites just outside Vancouver, Bc.  Various techniques were used to achieve all these shots.  From a 2 frame rate hack we did a time lapse. We had ladders an a boom truck for an aeral views.  We even used a full size pick up as a dolly.  Water proof cameras were used in the car wash for a real unique look inside the workings of these machines .  We created 3 15 second commercials for each division. And one 30 second commercial for all three divisions.

Click here to See a 15 sec Auto World Commercial

Click here to See a 15 sec Lube World Commercial

Click here to See a 15 sec Wash World Commercial

Currently they are all set to be run on global tv.
Raj Aadmi , president of Aadmi group came to us with a concept. It has come to life from a single concept of bringing sofiatication to used car sales.  Thru royalty free music and choosing Andrew Golder “the British voice” we were able to set the tone. There was so many good shots it was hard to discard them in the editing process. We have posted another behind the scenes video that shows a few of those shots that either did not make the final cut or we wanted to show more.
Check it out!